DNS Servers


Can anyone tell me where to point my domain’s DNS servers so that my site will work? Can’t seem to find anything on the site that explains this… :confused:


Our nameserver IPs are:
ns01.000webhost.com -
ns02.000webhost.com -


Hello, I apologize for writing with google translate
I want to ask you, I bought your domain name, introduced himself DNS “ns01.000webhost.com” and “ns02.000webhost.com” have access to it but I can not upload files to it, picked up only folders and empty it, you any idea what could be the case, or simply need more time to check or do not know …

PP: now everything works.


Glad to hear.





This response is

[]7 months out-of-date

See your 000wehost control panel for the correct info:

[COLOR=“White”]- -[/COLOR] ns01.000webhost.com [COLOR=“White”]-[/COLOR]
[COLOR=“White”]- -[/COLOR] ns02.000webhost.com [COLOR=“White”]-[/COLOR]



tks y…


thanks you very much. and i have a question. I have a problem when config Google app.

I do not know how to config it. Can you show me how? thanks


If you’re trying to create a free account at “Google Apps” should know that since December 6, 2012, Google has removed the free version of this tool for new users.


Hmmmm. Quick question, will this still work if I point it to an open DNS like or for example?


You should update your DNS Server to your Domain name…


Luckily, my free account from google app has not removed. That’s great !