DNSSEC for domains parked with 000webhost.com nameservers



I would like to add DNSSEC for a domain which i just parked with 000webhost.com nameservers.

My registrar, name cheap, allow DNSSEC for domains pointed (or parked) to Custom DNS:


However, I don’t know how to obtain the KeyTag, Algorithm, DigestType and Digest. So, I wonder if you kind enough to tell me where/how I can get these information?


Hi, enabling DNSSEC on 000webhost isn’t possible because you don’t have access to the domain’s full DNS zone. It’s possible that you could switch the nameservers back to Namecheap’s DNS (then point your domain using CNAME records) and be able to enable it through Namecheap, but no guarantees.


Thank for your reply sulliops, but do you know if I can continue to use 000webhost email forwarding after switched the nameservers back to Namecheap’s DNS?


Unfortunately you will not be able to do both at the same time.