Do NOT post about Account Activation/Review Requests


Before now we have been activating accounts and reviewing sites upon request in threads on the forums. Well from now on, we will no longer be doing so and will now strongly enforce the forum rules which state that account related issues are not to be posted at all. Anyone who wants their account activated or site reviewed must now submit a ticket through the members area. This can be done by logging in at and clicking ‘Get Help’ at the top right hand corner.

Any user ignoring this notice will get their thread closed and if repeatedly requesting will receive an infraction.

Can I also take this time to remind people that you are not allowed to PM staff requesting activation unless they invite you. If doing so, you will land yourself with an infraction and if repeatedly harassing, then a permanent ban.


I might add that when you open a ticket requesting for help on your account related question we will have all your account relevant info available to us so make helping you quicker.

Forum is only for none account related question like we site development, etc. and meant for community support.


You should also considering you are open up more potential of your site being hack due to you provide your account info in the open forum.

Please open a help desk ticket for any account related request not in the open forum.