Do you still have to Pay more money after paying $2.67


Hi, Community
I made a payment today for premium hosting 3 months special of $2.67 through Hostinger What I am trying to do now is to set up or get the web hosting service I paid for. Why is the system asking me to pay for a free domain.When I already paid $2.67 for 3 months. You mean although I paid 2.67 already. I now have to pay $8.99 plus fees. A new total of $9.17 cents
Why is this when I already paid for your special. is your service working. I cannot even get a customer service rep to help me,or explain this to me.
I checked with my bank and payment was made .


just made payment for $2.67 .Confirmed by my bank. Why am I being asked now to pay 9.17 more.When i try to start setting up. Makes no sense. Explain this. Cannot even get a live customer service answer my query. Who can help me here.


i have the same issue than @david12347, and i don´t find any solution for this, could someone help us?


Hi @david12347 and @george-0412!

Did you signed up with lifetime SSL support for your sites or daily backup as well? Please screenshot the page which requires you $9.17 more for setting up…




ok here is the payment approval - I made sure I did a print screen. Then as I was setting up .It asked me to pay more. Didn’t the contract say $2.67 for 3 months special. I cannot even get assistance from -online agents. Who are supposed to be on 24/7 from my understanding . I don’t get it . I should have been assisted immediately. Seems strange.


That is the payment for domain registration… You should be able to skip it.

Try logging in to Hostinger cPanel directly.


Do you own a domain?

If you do not then you’ll need to purchase one.