DOMAIN is missing


Hi all.

I have a concern here regarding the free domain in FREENOM. I have 2 domains in freenom. But as I logged in, the other domain is missing. The missing domain is what Im currently using now which I always experience 502 bad gateway since last week. I was able to use and edit my website using the .ga url. But after experiencing the bad gateway, I experience this proble. and now, my domain is missing. HELP

Any ideas abt here? Im in huge trouble right now



Issue has been reported to the devs :slight_smile:


Hi again. Uhm, can you bring back the domain i have created to my dashboard? As I checked again, my domain is now OWNED and PAID by Freenom administrator. thank you so much!


I think the issue is a freenom one then?


This is a Freenom issue.

There are reports floating about that Freenom domains are always owned by Freenom regardless, and there is talk that when your domain gets popular they steal it from you and put ads in place, however this is all via Google… so nothing concrete.

I suggest you contact Freenom :100:


Yes. But is it possible to give back the domain to me?


From my past experience, it’s not possible to get the domain back. In my case, my domain had expired and I went to renew it, but it had already been taken and was showing the same thing you see now. If I were you, I’d keep checking back to see if the domain becomes available once again.

This is all that I can suggesst, as this is out of our control.


So there’s a possibility that the domain will be back again? In my setting, I used the 12 months free.


Did it expire yet? :slight_smile:


It is due to expire on January 2019. i used the 12 months free.


I’m so sorry, but, freenom support your friend.
This thing is out of our control.