Domain Redirection not working


Website won’t load on for anyone now and it still shows errors. Is this usual or have i done something?

Also, ive cleared all my cookies and Cache, still no luck

I ran a redirect checker and it says error 301 moved permanently 19 times it’s redirected like this


Your website works fine on, that means the problem is in your code


Doesn’t seem to be working for us

Where have I managed to get this so badly wrong?


Would it be easier for me to save all the code that i have done, as in tables, pictures text etc. and then just make a new site with 000webhost and then put the domain on that and see if that helps it?


So confused why this isn’t working! :confused:


Appears when I visit both links, so your site is performing as it should no?


www. with a 000webhosturl almost never works you should reduce your usage of www it isn’t required.


I hope this can be of assistance if your site still isn’t loading properly.