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How to get the Forum link on the primary links menu. I forgot.

this was fixed there is a new problem below: http://www.000webhost.com/forum/content-managament-systems/13040-drupal-forum-help.html#post65414

Never used Drupal, but at a guess you’d edit the template’s index file.

no thats not it.

All you got to do is enable something(s). No code is required. I did it on one of my sites but forgot.

  1. In the navigation menu click Administer -> Site Building -> Menus
  2. Choose the menu you would like to add the external link to
  3. At the top click Add Item
  4. Under Path enter the url of the site you would like to link to.
  5. Under Menu link title enter the name that is to be shown on the menu.
  6. You may enter a description for the menu item
  7. Choose it’s parent
  8. Under weight you can set where the menu item will appear in the menu. A smaller
  9. number will make it appear higher than a bigger number.
  10. Click Save

Here is my Drupal How-To


PS: I didn’t realize someone already answer this thread.

Yes i did this. I knew I could do this all along but I thought there was another way to do it (the right way) but I have a lot of work to do with the site. Thanks anyway.

I more question is there a way to make the MAIN MENU with drop down menus? I have a menu:

but drupal loads the menu like this:

there is not sub-menu.

How to fix?