Dumbest movie ever?


Whats the dumbest in your opinion?
i just listed what i think is the dumbest called Revenge of the Virgins http://filmnoir.comuv.com/movies/?p=507
Believe it or not its basically a topless western. A group of people decide to go into the hills to “pan” for gold when they’re attacked one by one by a band of virgin, topless, female Indians. That’s not enough… Oh no… The leader of the band of virgins is a white girl with blonde hair and the last guy killed gets shot in the back of the head, but is saved by a coin in his vest pocket. How that vest pocket happened to be on the back of his head we’ll never know.
Check it out if you dare. You might actually learn something like… hmmm…let’s see… well there’s… uhmmm… and there’s…but then it could be that…nahhh…
Nope…there is utterly nothing to learn from this highly educational film other than to never watch it and claim to have learned anything. You might even unlearn several things watching it. :eek:
Revenge of the Virgins! <—click here to become 50 points instantly dumber!



I’ve got a better one; I accidentally saw something called “Strippers in a Haunted House” with the tagline 'You’ll be scared stiff!'
Let’s just say it was not a comedy or a satire ._.
(hint, IMDB gave it two stars out of ten)


Lol, so your saying the dumbest movie you’ve ever seen was a porno? lol

I’ve seen ever dumb movie out their, I love syfi. :stuck_out_tongue:


I… I think it was a porno xD
Other than the title there was really nothing that seemed to be arousing even on accident, if was supposed to be a porno it failed even that xD
And I thought it was something else when I stuck the tape in, I’m serious x3 x3
And Syfi is a pretty good source of movies like that… mom and I used to sit and watch stuff like “Megacrock vs Supergator” or something ridiculous like that :3


Lol, yep.
Mega Piranha
Super Volcano
Everything stupid.


Anything with Will Ferrel in it. :mad:


Haha, that was a joke! Will Ferrel is so funny!

Black Sheep is so stupid lol. Sheep that go eat people.


Will has screwed up ever movie he’s ever been in. There’s not any good movie made that he was in, period. xD


The Other Guys
Kicking & Screaming
Land of the Lost
Step Brothers
Blades of Glory
Talladega Nights
Old School

Nothing Good Their? Ha


I dunno folks…go watch revenge of the virgins… It’ll drain every bit of learnin right outta yer head… On the other hand…there IS congress, but they’re not a movie… To bad, huh? We could just shut em off.


Revenge of the Nerds


Not a damn thing. Lol.


[SIZE=“7”][FONT=“Arial Black”][COLOR=“Red”]Well, you should just leave then![/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]


I checked the IMdB and didn’t see that one listed… :confused:


hmm searching…