E commerce site, Social Networking site


Hi everybody, Please review my site

Gift shopping online using Opencart using simple adjustment.
my shopping blog using wordpress

My elgg social networking site

Only contention i have is that i am not Getting website or i should say my Blog.maycart.in getting crawled last it was crawled about 15 days ago. is there anyway server could restrict crawlers acess, i am just speculating.

Thanks and please give me some update.


I don’t think so, the IP the crawler uses would be classed as a visiting guest as far as I’m aware.
(your items for sale don’t have prices)


Thanks for clearification shocK, but i am still wondering what is the eason, i have pinged the blog, created backlinks for fast craweling, bookmarked it.

Yes it doesnt have pricing because i dont have any items to sell, actully the thought behind is -once website gets some traction, i would collaborate with someone to setup fully fuctional site with lot of items to sell, and ofcourse move to paid hosting. you can say its alpha stage of the process.


I have not found your 2nd website. You may use paid hosting, it will be better.