E-mail forwarder does not working


hi, the websites are up, thank you!

But email forwarding does not work (at least for me): evaliutos.lt & cloudradiator .com

403 / Forbidden; Files disappeared from File Manager/FTP!

Hi @rukuiza!

I have just tested the e-mail forwarder for your websites and it works without problems. It was probably a temporary issue.

Please try again now and reply if the issue still persists.


Hi, if i email to myself (mantas@evaliutos.lt or mantas@cloudradiator .com) from my mantas.rukuiza@gmail. com, it still does not work. Mail forwarding is set to same gmail. Previously it was working. Noticed this yesterday, but i don’t know for how long this problem persists on both domains.


I have sent the mails from another address and they have been received, which means the problem is not on forwarder, therefore not on 000webhost’s side.

It’s probably Google which is blocking e-mails based on certain anti-spam rules. Please try again later and brace yourself: other e-mails sent to your websites emails addresses are forwarded to your mailbox :wink:


i received an email today, that my ip has been added to spam list:

i did not email to anybody


We do not send such kind of emails.


000webhost servers may be blacklisted due to previous abusive users.
I advise using MX record for alternative provider such as GoogleMail or Zoho


i receiced that email from iv.lt (interneto vizija), it’s where the domain is registered, but it’s parked at 000webhost for about a month now…


If other systems are blocking 000webhost there is nothing we can do about it, unfortunately… :confused:


are you saying, that you give cheap host to spammers and then give “free” hosting under same IP address? I hope it’s not what you want to say, but it looks like so at the moment…


please, my email redirector is not working contato@scrumbr.com.br will not. Report a bug when scrum.com.br does not exist


We don’t give cheap hosting to anyone, we give free hosting to anyone and unfortunately abusive users abuse the service and sometimes get us blacklisted?

The premium mail services and website hositng over at Hostinger doesn’t appear on any blacklists and if they did Hostinger would apply to be removed and then also remove the offending user.


With all due respect, but my seems that my emails are black listed not because of my fault, but the host IP, and 000webhost is my host. Who’s is ip is it then: ? My technical knowledge is limited, but as far as i understand, your server (where i host 2 sites) ip is blacklisted. Am i wrong?

#15 is 000webhost free hosting

I just said that 000webhost is used by abusive users and it gets servers put onto blacklists.

Use alternative services for mailing Google, Zoho etc and set MX record up with your domain.