EAI_AGAIN - Temporary failure in name resolution


Hi everyone, I am trying to access a website via FTP and getting the follow error each time:

Connection attempt failed with “EAI_AGAIN - Temporary failure in name resolution”.

If I change the host from the URL to IP address I can change files via FTP, but the domain itself does not appear to be working and just displays ‘server not found’ within a browser.

This domain was recently reactivated (about 4 and half hours ago), so I am wondering if this is a temporary fault or am I doing something wrong?

I did clear the .htaccess and default.php files, but this shouldn’t make any difference as far as I’m aware?

Any help in clearing this issue up would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.


I think your issue should be cleared now as the domain will have resolved?
If not do comment.


Still having exactly the same issue sadly.

The nameservers are set to: ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com.

This website has been running for a number of years and have never experienced this problem before, over a week down now.


What is your domain please?




Have you the new or old control panel?




It’s using the old control panel.

Domain: nsdtattoo.co.uk
Server Name: server9.000webhost.com
IP Address:


Can you create A records at your registrar?
If so make a new one with the IP being

hostname www
type A

or hostname @
type A

or both


Did you get anywhere with this? :slight_smile:


Heya, apologies for the slow response - the registrar has been dragging their heals with replying. There is a section for changing the nameservers, I’m hoping the A records can be changed there but still awaiting the registrar to confirm if/how this can be done.


No worries, when you login to 000webhost control panel is your website still listed and or active?


It now says ‘Cancelled due to incorrect nameservers’.


Are you able to create a new account on 000webhost and create a new website and upload your data again?


Doesn’t look like I can, maybe because it’s the old cpanel? I have all the files, so that isn’t an issue.


Are you able to visit 000webhost.com, without logging in, create a brand new account then create a new website and upload the data.


Thank you for all your help, uploaded on a new account now. However I can’t get it to work simultaneously with both domains at the same time. The nameservers for both domains are set and on the cpanel here I have parked the domains. (Park domain > Manage > Link website)

It looks like I can only link one at a time, is there a way for both domains to redirect to the website at the same time? Also they only appear to work with ‘www.’, before you could type the domain without including this handle and it would still load, is there a way to make it work like this again?


What does your new control panel show?


If I select Manage > Link Website on the one which says ‘Ready’ it will link that one, but stop the other from working.


I can load http://nsdtattoos.co.uk/ and http://www.nsdtattoos.co.uk/ but not http://nsdtattoo.co.uk/ or http://www.nsdtattoo.co.uk/

You leave nsdtattoos parked and then you could use CNAME to point nsdtattoo to your hosting.

I am currently testing pointing two domains, I’ve got one domain pointed using a CNAME and have another domain using nameservers, just waiting for the nameservers to update.


How do you use CNAME, is that done via ‘Set MX Record’? Did you manage to get much luck with your two domains?