Email not working with free service


Hi. I just realized that several weeks ago I stopped receiving email on my domain. As I can see, the IP for my domain isn’t responding at SMTP port, and I’m unable to change the MX record because this is a free account.

Am I missing something? Or simply we free users are now available to receive email?


It is sad to reply that they are possibly from a 90% range removing Email Accessibility from Free User Accounts, sorry to possibly burst that bubble. They require an upgrade to start using email accounts at this current moment.


Sad to read that, indeed. Maybe free users don’t have any way to complain; it would only be desirable to have a warning before actually they cut the cord, so we can take actions and not being in the middle of nothing suddenly.

Thank you very much.


Email forwarders may return in the future.


Kinda wouldn’t doubt that.


Although you can setup your domain with another email service provider which is simply and quick enough to do :stuck_out_tongue: