Error 502 bad gateway when someone visits my website


Whenever someone tries to visit my website it tells them “Error 502 Bad Gateway”. It has been happening for the past 3 days. I can access it now and then but others get Error 502. Has the developers manage to find the problem?


Devs are working on that :slight_smile:


@Enigmashane Both your website working fine for me.
If you still facing the same then try over "http", instead of "https" .



It appears to happen intermittently


Hi @Enigmashane!

We have informed the developers regarding your issues.

Once the problems are occurring again, please fully refresh your webpage by pressing CTRL+F5.


Any idea how the devs will take? I can’t do anything on the site for long then it gives the error


My sites on your hosting are constantly lying with the error 502 bad gateway


@Enigmashane @Sl195

Please clear your browser cache and try loading both websites again.

If issue persists, please inform us here.


Of course it is good that after clearing cache the website is working again, but only to other users is awkward for such work site


Other users are still experiencing that error message when trying to access my site



Hi @Enigmashane

It should be a temporary error. Your website loads fine in my side. Hit CTRL + F5 and try hard refresh. If the problem persist let us know.


The site I’m trying to access is the it happens intermittently.


Im still experiencing this for almost a week :frowning: I cant work on my site. Some are experiencing 502 bad gateway. I think mine was deleted or i dont know. It shows different error from others. i didnt even delete it. Tried deleting the cache and refreshing (F5)


I am still experiencing the problem as well as other users that try to access it at times


@Enigmashane Sorry for the inconvenience, This admin are working on this and will be solved soon.
Any news on this issue we’ll let know through forum banner.