Error 502 / Bad Gateway


I just made a new website, and I installed wordpress in it. All seems to work correctly, I can enter my website with no problems ( but when I try to log in to use wordpress the page shows “502 Bad gateway”. Why does this happens and how I can fix it?


See this tutorial on how to fix 502 error:


Some other sites are also showing that error. We’re currently looking into the issue and hope to resolve it shortly. :slight_smile:


I created a new website pointed and parked a domain and uploaded the files and when I try using my own domain, no DNS (but it’s probably a matter of time) but when I use the normal
It will keep showing an error on all browsers I try

Please help


I already tried downgrading the PHP version as other posts suggested and it changed nothing.


Hmm will investigate now :confused:


Well now it seems it’s working (it is not a definitive version other problems of links are normal)
I have a question :
How long does it take to apply a modification inside the code ?
And during that period will the site be completely out ?

How often do the general offline duration arrive ?


Still dead here the developer hasn’t responded to me yet.


It’s out again…


Head to > General Settings > Sleep Time half way down and make it an hour in the middle of the night like 3am or something silly.


It keeps alterning working and Error Gateway


Weird I’ll keep an eye on it but I can’t see anything that would cause this myself so I’ve referred this issue to a developer with more power basically.


Thank you very much. Anyway it’s not so urgent but I still have a date limit in a very few months so I’d like it solve ^^’


The sleep hour was already at 3am -> 4am (GMT00:00 = 2am -> 3am)

I verified my HTML and CSS codes ; (and took time to solve a display problem :wink: )
They are both perfectly clean (not minimised) except for one obsolete tag used 2 or 3 times in the HTML () ; I (as suggested by your code engine ^^) also removed a “*” selector which could slow down navigation.

Never the less, when my page appears, it takes its time (3-6 seconds) so maybe your servers are too weak or not enough to handle the growing amount of requests

Please consider not judging my English level. It’s not my native language (as suggests it my username)


@Infinity (sorry to disturb you again…) I read on a post about ratelimiting than connexions were, if too many, blocked. I have I think one connexion in my code (awesome font from cloudflare) but I’m also thinking about adding Google’s material icons. Could it slow down the website ? Shouldn’t it get faster after one connexion as the browsers keep downloaded files active for a moment ?

In any case I tried commenting my http request but it doesn’t seem to make such a difference :frowning:

EDIT: Will I get a badge every time I do anything on this forum ?!


Hi @FrenchMasterSword!

Error 502 is usually caused by 000webhost network issues. We don’t restrict connections however we are constantly improving our services and some of these actions may lead to short downtimes.

Right now, your website loads fine. Please clear your browser cache and try again.


Not on firefox :confused:

neither on Opera

or Chrome :disappointed_relieved:


The issue came back. Please wait until we get a reply from developer.

If things do not get straight soon, I will backup your site and create another one with the same address.


Status text at the bottom just says, “Waiting for…”

EDIT: After about 10 minutes of it not loading, it finally does and gives me a “502 Bad Gateway” error.


How about trying now?


Yeah seems to work now :smiley:
What was changed? Nothing?