Error accessing files


I am trying to access my files through ftp, but I get the following error:

Resposta: 550 Can’t check for file existence
Erro: Falhou a abertura de “/wp-config.php” para escrita
Erro: Transferência falhada

I have searched about this error on Google and got the information that I have to look for 000webhost team support.

My website is:

Hope that 000webhost team can help me on this issue.


I actually see a 123 testing for apache.
Do you block all incoming IPs and allow only some of them?


No … the site was working, I changed the database password in order to be able to access it from FTP…

after that I had to change the wp-conf file (the one that configures the wordpress connections)…

But I can’t access it… I am getting the error above.

I did not change any IP access policy.


Erro ao estabelecer uma ligação com a base de dados

Seeing a database error now.