Error massage when build my website


what i can do please help i check my data twice


Can you try resetting the database password in the databases tab of your control panel (where you created it), and in the dropdown menu next to your database name? Then try this setup again.


thanks for reply
i was change my password
form this menu but it is same maybe i should do some thing in my php my admin



Do try changing it in both and try to setup your script with the new password.


yes i changed my password then i try to setup my script again but still same


What script is this?


i can sent it to you it is about Shortcut links
i have more than 5 scripts and still show me the same massage my friends recommend me to use this website because it is the better but i dont know what happing


I see. Can you try deleting the empty database and then creating a new one?


I remember this issue with trying to install previous scripts

I think there is a way around it I just can’t put my finger on it.


i see no problem
but i was deleting my database and create anew one then but my DB Name on the second and last space then my pass but unfortunately still same i see YouTube video about this he is doing something in phpmyadmin but i cant understand what he is doing i can give you the url of the video if you want


Sure ting! :smiley: :1234: