Error parking domain after panel migration (domain already in use)


Hi @Infinity,

I have just logged in and try both parking and pointing the domain but I still see the same errors.
See screenshots here:

Should I do some other step?

Should I try creating a whole new site and then park/point the domian?


This will not work, as the domain is still registered for a specific e-mail address/account. We just don’t know to which one.

I have re-forwarded the issue to administrators, including more information, insisting to solve this problem. Please be patient.

We are really sorry for inconvenience :sweat:


Hi @NGiNX , @Infinity,

Any news on this issue?
Any updates will be appreciated.



This issue is believed to be fixed.

Could you please try to park your domain again? :slight_smile:


Hi to all,

It looks that I have the same problem.
I used to have a domain “” connected to 000webhost, but now after migration I have difficulties in reconnecting this domain. Name servers were not changed ( and
One thing looks quite suspicious. I got the automated message stating that “Domain is not yet pointing to 000webhost”. However, my domain is not “”, but “”. This “fablab” part simply disappeared.

I would appreciate if you can check this case.

Best regards,


Hi @zzelimir!

You can’t park because is not a Top Level Domain (TLD). Practically, you are trying to park a subdomain, which is not allowed on 000webhost. Sorry :sweat:



I believe I have the same problem as the author of this topic, I have just migrated my website and my domain does not work.

My website used to be at:

When I try to use the park domain option the system says it is already in use.

Can you help me out with this problem?



Hi @Filip29! is a free subdomain offered by 000webhost, and we no longer offer support for them. If you want to change your website address, you should consider registering another unique domain and then link it to your website:


Thank you for your answer, I understand that getting this address back is impossible, however what about some other options? For instance redirecting this address to my migrated website? I’m asking because I have used this website address in numerous places, profiles etc. and it is a bit of a shame to lose it and quite a bit of work to change it everywhere to a new one.

thanks for your help!


I am sorry to say, but support for free subdomains has ended. They are part of the old servers.

We can no longer perform custom configuration on the old system.