Facebook Login Error


Hello everyone,
i configured my FB app with login on my 000webhostapp site and it’s works perfect but today i got this error instead:

This URL Is Blocked: The URL “https://lsc.000webhostapp.com/f3ceb6b422a6c88” has been blocked from Facebook.

Any suggestions to solve this?
Thanks in adv,


Hi @Stefx17
Because of some abusive users big companies like Facebook have blocked 000webhostapp url so you have to use a custom domain if you want fb login and want to post your website on fb


Hi @Stefx17

You can use custom domain to aviod this problem. freenom.com will help you. If you need a domain with .com or .org you can consider


Nice solution.
I try and solved it but https doesn’t works, any clue?



What error or problems are you having?




Use cloudflare for SSL certificate


Thank you i’ll try it.