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Question: What is 000webhost server time zone?

Answer: It is on GMT-8

Question: Cannot access FTP or website

Answer: If you access your site too often your ip will be blocked! Try different ip, proxy or wait a day!

**Question: Is Perl or CGI support here? **

Answer: Perl and CGI is not supported here at 000webhost!

Question: Can I access to mysql server remotely?

Answer: No, it is not allowed!

Question: Why flash or swf does not load?

Answer: Because *.txt is disable so you need to change your swf source to use *.dat instead.

Question: Does 000webhost support mod_rewrite?

Answer: Yes and specific to 000webhost you must include "RewriteBase /" in .htaccess and here is a more detail article on mod_rewrite in general

Question: What are the servers uptime?

Answer: Here is a


Need to know about the custom 404 page. Whenever I try typing a wrong page name, I get the IE 404 page (not even 000webhosts'). Have gone back and tried it 1000 times as the FAQ describes (and it did work for me once upon a time), but no dice. I have the error.php & .htaccess in the same folder (public_html, and we're not allowed to upload anything above that level - which would be the root directory, correct?), but nothing is working out.


There is already, click on "custom error page" in the list.


Paste this in your .htaccess:

ErrorDocument 404 /error.php

If that doesn't work, tell me your sites address and what is in your .htaccess file.


site URL: http://promodrone.com/

.htaccess contents:
ErrorDocument 403 /error.php
ErrorDocument 404 /error.php
ErrorDocument 405 /error.php
ErrorDocument 408 /error.php
ErrorDocument 500 /error.php
ErrorDocument 502 /error.php
ErrorDocument 504 /error.php

:confused: As said before, this worked for me once upon a time.

@chanh - that little tutorial was followed (LITERALLY) 1000 times to no effect (it was the 1st resource that I scoped out here), so your suggestion is invalid in my case, chief (I bother to search BEFORE posting).


The idea is there! If it did not work for you then there might be some debugging required.


:confused: and you mean WHAT by this statement? And, @chanh, not to sound in the leastways snarky, but, if you read the quote that I echoed for a second time

Have gone back and tried it 1000 times as the FAQ describes (and it did work for me once upon a time)

I think that my debugging attempt had well-run its’ course, don’t you? And if it didn’t work after the THOUSANDTH time, what makes you think that any more efforts would be in order? :rolleyes: Oh, btw, you have any other ideas on what could be at the source of the problem?


Try reloading your account. Remember to back everything up first.



Reading the above thread, I see that it has a variety of opinions. Having had my account banned from e-mail (or maybe I was on server 37?), I contacted customer support with the same question. The answer I got was 5 e-mails in an hour or 30 e-mails in a day. Which of the following is true:
1. Has the e-mail sending limit changed to 30 e-mails in 5 minutes or 100 e-mails in an hour?, or
2. Was the customer support wrong?, or
3. Is the thread above wrong?

Furthermore, is there a place to check how much e-mails had been sent already? I have a site where people can send something along the lines of greeting cards to each other. At this point, I had been able to track down a problem when the greeting cards contain non-latin letters. In an attempt to fix the problem, I would need to try applying various patches, and after each one e-mailing myself to see whether the problem is resolved. Doing so, I would not want to exceed the limit, all the while keeping in mind that people might send a greeting card to each other while I am doing this. So if there is a place to check how much e-mails had been sent already, I would be able to make a script that would postpone the sending of an e-mail if this limit is exceeded.


No more than 30 emails per 5 minutes and no more than 100 emails per hour.

No, unfortunetly there isn't a way to check how many emails have been sent that I'm aware of.