File Manager logs me out in the middle of my work



I am having a problem with the File Manager ever since I started using this host, but now it gets way too often so I can’t even work properly.

So, I log into the manager, open a file, and when I click save it redirects me to the login page, and all my work is lost! That can happen after one minute, or 20 mins when I have done a lot of work, with no warning whatsoever.

I’ve tried multiple computers, all the same.

Hope you can offer a fix or remedy.



Can you wait 24 hours and try again :slight_smile:


As I said, I’ve been having this problem for months, more so these last few days. Unless you’d try and patch it of course :slight_smile:


I’ll inform the devs about this :slight_smile:


Problem persists :frowning:


Just edit them locally and upload them :slight_smile: