I have accessed the FileMahager

It is connected to the WebsiteBuilder

Can i use the FileMahager to upload images separately to and not through the WebsiteBuilder



Yes, you can :slight_smile:


Well how

Give me a example

I have a image to upload

What do i specifically need to do


I have no idea

@sulliops @hexa @Supun @Infinity any idea?



Just log in to file manager then, open the directory where you want to upload the image,
Now simply drag and drop your image. Done your image will be uploaded.


You said yes you can and now you have no idea

What do you suppose about that


I asked how specifically do i upload a image to the FileManage

The drag and drop aspect be present in the WebsiteBuider


You can drag and drop an image into the File Manager located at /

If you require further help then open a new thread.