Forbidden You don't have permission to access /wp-admin/ on this server


We are not able to login to my admin panel nor FTP. When we are going to login to my admin panel it shows the error Forbidden You don’t have permission to access /wp-admin/ on this server.

My domain name is pointing to



Tried going to your website today, but got a CloudFlare error while doing so. I refreshed the page again and got a database error on the site and a WordPress Install page on the main website. Do you have anything created on WordPress? If not, I would consider reinstalling WordPress completely.


Look like they are changing cpanel or some other system updates…
My site went down for about 1 hr then back up for 15 min… Its down again…
We will have to wait …


Yeah. That’s the best thing to do


I can confirm your site is live and active.

There is a migration process running the background transferring the users from the old control panel onto the new control panel; there may be some access issues which will appear such as your site won’t load due to the script you run not accessing the database fast enough and it will timeout because there are so many live users trying to access it plus the migration in the background so the browser will return a timeout or just a general error message about the server “going away” etc etc.

Sorry for any convenience and hope that the issues will not interfere that much with your day-day running.

If you would prefer to be excluded from the issues then I could suggest going premium for a low price which would be you’d be on the premium hosting servers which have no issues and fully managed hosting with no limits which would mean there would be no site issues at all.


Working on my end too. Awesome website you have! One suggestion, you should go into the 000webhost Dashboard and go to General to turn off the 000webhost banner. It is free to turn off and would make your website look more professional.

Best of Luck!


thanks for the reply…I want to know if I go for premium service which they are giving $2.15/month will I can make 4 to 5 subdomain or parked domain website in this plan.


I think + 1 Website would mean you have one site hosted i.e. while on premium you can get unlimited parked domains.

I wouldn’t go for the single web hosting plan due to the limits in place 1 MySQL database :confused:


What hosting service will you suggest. Will Premium Web Hosting plan @ 3.49/month is good if I will make big affiliate website. Hope they will not suspend my account if I will make big website. What is your suggestion for me.



Just to stay on the safe side, I would definitely go with the Business Plan. That plan is: $7.95/mo. Just a question, what are you going to be doing on your site? Will it be a website where users will be registering and logging in?

Best of Luck!


We are going to make an Amazon Affiliate Website where user can find the best product of Amazon. When user going to proceed to checkout they will be redirected to amazon for checkout.


Hi Again!

I guess you would not need a big website for that. I would suggest to you not to work a way into the site to actually process the checkout on your site. Maybe include a “Get Now” or “Buy Now” button on your site and when they click it, it goes directly to the product page on Amazon. Don’t know if you could earn money off of those links. I will see if there is something around that could do this instead of

Best of Luck!