'Form' option still not working


A few days ago I posted the message below. I see that it is showing as ‘Solved’ but your ‘Form’ feature is still not working:

I added the ‘Form’ feature to 2 separate pages on my website and I have tried to test email myself twice from both pages but have not received any emails. Please help. Name: Keisha Site:startacoopflnet.000webhostapp.com


Unrelated…but, there’s a typo in the funding section of your homepage. The word “banking” in the second sentence is missing the “n”.


Are being alerted ‘Form Configuration Error’, or just not getting the emails?


Hi it seems there is still an unknown issue causing php mail() failure on some servers. I don’t know why this is happening and have asked an admin for help, but no response as Hostinger employees have been flooded during the Cyber Monday sale. As soon as I get a response, someone will let you know.


On my find members page I receive the message ‘Form Was Sent’. On my contact page I receive the message ‘Form Configuration Error’. But I’m not getting emails from either page. Thank you.


The ‘Form’ feature is still not working. Can you please give me an ETA for when this issue will be resolved. I first posted this problem more than a month ago and I have not yet received a response. Thank you for all your help.

Name: Keisha
website: startacoopflnet.000webhostapp.com

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