Freenom domain is not working


Hello, I created a website on apexband.000webhostapp .com, registered the domain, parked it to my site, set the nameservers as ns01.000webhost .com and ns02.000webhost .com, waited for 51 hours now, but the domain is still not working. I already got an email today from Freenom saying my domain is not working properly and they will delete it if not fixed.


Make sure the nameservers are set to custom, I’ve made the same mistake before, forgetting to change the type to custom.


Can you try now please?

Check set web address on and ensure the status is LINKED
Not READY or any other status.


The nameservers are set to custom.

The status says “Ready”


Damn, now I realized what the problem was. I still had to click “Manage” and “Link website”. Now it says “Parked”