Frequently can not reach my website again


Recently I am not reaching my website, it is frequently happening for last 10 days . Is there any problem ? My website:


Did you park/point your domain?


It was working for 30 days , there was no problem until last ten days. Frequently it is not reachable, sometimes it is working well , sometimes not. For ex. 1 hour ago, my website was working , but now it is not. I could not understand:((


Of course I did all the settings. It has been working for 30 days…


Looks like your NSs/CNAME records do not exist?


But no need “cname”, I have already set the DNS. Ones in a while it is coming back , or not. It is not stable . I don’t understand:frowning:


Nameservers seems not be set


Now it is working , if it is not to be set , it shouldnt be working, right? . What I mean is , sometimes or ones in a while mywebsite can be unreachable . can it be internal problem?


Sorry ,
You may check this website, it is set already . But sometimes it is not reachable


Working fine here.

Please screenshot any future errors and report back so we can investigate.

There are no downtimes shown on any status I can see so not a clue why you are having issues.


Thank you
but in a day, 4 or 5 times it can be unreachable. And each case take almost 30 minutes or 1 hour. What I wonder is why . Evey hour I check my website . But some of those times it seems unreachable. I hope I made my point.


Do take some screenshots in the future and report back.