FTP can't login


Hi. I have an account and a (free) webpage with 000webhost. I have a video clip I want to upload through file manager. However, the video clip file has exceeded the file size limit. As such I am advised to use 000webhost FTP. However, I can’t login to it. Error would be…“log in details are incorrect”.

I know that all my login details are correct. Please advise. Thanks.


Visit 000webhost.com > Manage Site > General Settings > Change FTP password to the password you think it is and then wait a few minutes then retry your FTP client.


hi windgaze,it might be that you’ve input the wrong username,example:if your site is mysite.000webhostapp.com, - username should be mysite.


Hi. Ok. Changed my password and used my correct username, which both are really the same as before. I am able login to FTP. However, it still complained of “…file size too large…” It acted as though it is still running in file manager and not FTP. Are they one in the same? My file is 198MB. any suggestions? Thanks for the help in advance. Regards.


File Manager has a file size limit, you can use FTP client like FileZilla for larger files.

What client are you trying to use?


Screenshots/error log of your FTP client?


Works fine, maybe try configuring your site via Site Manager on FileZilla, plain security etc