FTP/File Manager down / My Website is sleeping! [READ HERE]


Few of our customers are experiencing this issue.

In the last few days, our servers got overloaded because of huge amount of customers/hosted websites, therefore we were forced to apply new policies to prevent total crash. That’s why FTP went down and websites started to sleep anarchically. Such actions are necessary for our developers to maintain the servers and configure the network to support more resources.

We don’t estimate when all issues will be fixed. Please be patient and refrain from creating new topics.


i have my websites, still sleeping
please help?
i was planning to buy pro version, but these problems making me think again

Setting Sleep Time on Free Plan
Site not visible, allthough filled
Setting Sleep Time on Free Plan
Regarding over sleeping
I can't login to my admin back-end
Problemas para acceder a mi cuenta y sitio

Well, hostinger does not have those limitations, and our moderator admin area is broken, I guess you just have to wait 2 hours.


but its almost couples of hours and still sleeping.


The unsleeper runs once per hour :slight_smile:


thank you so much sir


sir, can you please try to awake my sites?
because i was waiting for couple of hours, please sir, i badly need it


I’m sorry to say that our staff admin area is broken, and we cant access it, too :confused:


that’s sad to hear. i hope you’ll fix it soon.
there is so much people needing your service

i hope this problem will be fixed asap


Anyway, I can say your website will be woken up in 2-3 hours, because the unsleeper runs once and hour, and unsleeps 200,000 websites.


thank you so much sir
i am really in panic now because tomorrow is my class presentation. hehe i will wait for it to wake-up


If it does not wake up, then try purchasing a cheap paid plan.


sir, it was past hour, but still no awaken happening.


Hi admin, my website https://pbbjhldemo.000webhostapp.com/ has been sleeping for hours since the morning. Kindly advice on how I can deal with the issue.

Thanks & regards.


And now? :slight_smile:


Fixed! Thanks very much! :slight_smile:


Cant access it via custom domain. It says 404 or sleeping


your site is running fine now. please view the pinned topic for more info and forum home page


Hi, same problem as techcomgroup, over 1day, manage site etc not accessible either. Have not finished site, testing items, buttons, wordpress what have you.
Attn to matter appreciated.


Hmm, some websites should be woken up.


Thanks Guys appreciate it +++++ :grinning: now back to it :construction_worker_man: