FTP/File Manager down / My Website is sleeping! [READ HERE]


My website has been sleeping for 2 whole days, can a staff help me fix this?


Please try creating another account and a new website until we are done fixing the issue :slight_smile:


Hahaha. That made me laugh. Why? Because if I create a new account and a new website you can’t assure me it won’t happen again. Two, create a new website? Do you know how much time I’ve put into this one. Can’t you just wake it up?


Well, just wait then :slight_smile:


There’s no need to be cross. It’s just that the website is off schedule as to when it’s to be aired. Can you please just wake it up like you did the others?


I will try, not sure it will work :slight_smile:


Thank you, much appreciated.


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Mine too again and again. I thought it was already fixed yesterday…


same here but at random it wakeup


I have the same random wake up/sleep :frowning:


What about now? :slight_smile:


My site is pidginmoji.000webhostapp.com

I am trying since 2 days, it display me message that your site is sleeping.

Please solve this issue.


Working fine :slight_smile:


My website already woke up but a friend of mine haven’t. Why?

Here is the website address; queenielinenterprise.000webhostapp.com


Hello @biahsta

Developers are working on this problem.


Will it be solve soon? Because he have to submit his work by Monday.


It is back up :slight_smile:


my website is oversleep for long time. Kindly deal with it. Thanks!



Working fine :slight_smile: