FTP Upload Problem Button stop



I have a problem with my Free FTP Website.

I wanted to upload a video (.mp4) with 12.00 MB and when i wanted to upload the files, the button of UPLOAD stopt working and don’t returened any error message. When it was little files, in the List of the files that are gona upload, it just delete itself.

Please I need an answer quickly, i have a proyect that i need to finish!


Hi, are you using the File Manager or an FTP client? If you’re using the File Manager, try reloading the page a few times and upload again. If that doesn’t work, use an FTP client with the information provided in your members area.


I’m using The Web FTP Manager. It was working great until 2 days back. I will try with another FTP


A fix has been rolled out, so you should be able to use the File Manager properly now. Open a new topic if you have any more problems.


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