FTP won't work / Migration problem



I will apologise already since english is not my first language and I might not be able to explain things clearly.

So, yesterday my website was down and all I get is the migration message.

I tried to acess my FTP and it just won’t work. I tried the programs recommended by 000webhost, tried it in the windows explorer and tried online services too. Programs and online services do nothing, and on explorer It says it can’t establish a connection with my server. I tried changing my password just in case, but nothing work (and yes, I waited some minutes, tried again and again, nothing).

So I tried to download my stuff from Cpanel. Pages are ok, but images don’t download (and I don’t have a backup of it)

Then I tried following the backup tutorial, step by step, but when I try to open the “mysite.com/unzipper”, all I get is the migration message. I’m afraid I will lost all my archives if I don’t do a backup, but I just can’t.

What can I do?


To use the unzipper you need to go to mysite.com/unzipper.php

If you haven’t migrated you should probably do so using the tutorial below. If you have, then we are working on that page issue.


I did enter the new members area thing and made my registration - i’m not sure if that is why I can’t access my FTP or do the backup.

I tried unzipper and the other option in the Migration Tutorial topic, both didn’t work.


Hmmm. What is your site URL? Maybe I can try creating a backup for you.


This is my URL: http://hishoku.netii.net


Okay, I see. It is blocked at my school, but when I get home I will work on it for you.


Ok then. Thank you :slight_smile:


Your site has reached the migration date, ignore the tutorial you can’t use backup.php now, you need to download your files manually using FileZilla or another FTP client and pull and download the public_html folder.


I see.
FileZilla did work (other options didn’t, just saying this in case it might hel other users)

Now I just need to follow the steps and delete my “old account” and upload things in the new one? Did I get this right?


Yes after downloading all your files using filezilla,
Now follow this
Make sure to click “Go to cPanel”

With this now showing - your normal control panel

Paste this URL into the browser when you are on the control panel homepage > > https://members.000webhost.com/panel/move https://members.000webhost.com/panel/move

And hit go to visit this site from the same page you are on the control panel homepage.

Should appear > Click “Move my account details”

Now the basics of your account details are moved, your email, password, and “grandfather rights of any domains you used” if you used xyz.com with you@domain.com on the old panel you NEED to use you@domain.com on the new panel - the new panel will not let newyou2@domain.com use xyz.com for security reasons.

You may see this

Or it may just take you to the new control panel

If it doesn’t then we’ve a few more steps

Back to your list of accounts if you have any showing

Enter your website control panel and browse down the bottom

Click on delete your website - ensure you backed it up above

Should appear after deleting it - a nice empty list of accounts.


Click your name

It will ask you to delete

Click delete!

Log back into 000webhost.com and the new control will now appear for you.

Now you can login to new panel and verify your same email(one on old panel) .


Now everything worked - followed the steps for migration and even menaged to use the same old url. All my files are running :slight_smile: Thank you everyone!