GameRite Flash games!


I made a site that I hope to have a long time. It will have more games as the time goes on because I pick games from mochiads and they have all the games on mostfungames and other sites. But please check out my site and tell me what you think!

This is not a game script! it’s wordpress with a special theme. Just wanted to say this so I don’t get banned.

I added a favorites category


Wow! That was quick. Nice site


Thanks lol


You should get a script like mine, it displays the latest games and I chose what to publish


I Should… but then i would have to upgrade to pay membership


Why? Wordpress is not a game script and none of the games are stored on the site.


Ohhhhh, your using wordpress :D. My bad, i thought you were using one of those dodgy game site scripts that are badly built in php, that you would need a payed account for.


Nope it’s wordpress :slight_smile:


WP rulz :smiley:
ps.nice site, but it needs content


my 7 yr old daughter will love this site for the games on it !


Thanks! I will add some kid games for her!


Added a favorites category and some more games, check every day for new ones!