Getting huge Traffic from Stumble! How?


**[COLOR=“DarkRed”]Guys , you could improve your website genuine Traffic by submitting your website to stumble , If you own genuine Content then you will genuinely gain Traffic from stumble , even Some of the article written by my friend’s ( blog ) got viral and got 154897 hits in a day …

You can also submit your webpage , website ,or blog to stumble and try your luck ,

[COLOR=“Red”]How do you add Website,forum,blog to stumble for traffic >>[/COLOR]


thanks for share this with us… i will try my website with it…


Tactics like that are easily caught by google Panda. Best to stay away from that. Just saying.


Stumble upon is great way to get more exposure to search engines but always follow the real way which not only is safe but gives you permanent traffic source


I gets 100 Visits form Stumble daily :smiley: ( USA )


thanks for the share…


thanks for the share


Np ! alteast some one find it Helpful :smiley:


I don’t think so. Tactics like that are easily caught by google Panda


Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Twitter and all other Social sites can give you thousands of traffic if you use keywords and categories correctly :slight_smile:


It true :smiley:


Try this MANUAL 25 Stumbleupon 25 Delicious 25 Pinterest Likes 25 Repins + Bonus for $5
Social signals are the best way to start offpage seo and getting traffic from social media won’t to anything bad for google.


Thanks you for share
good job


thank you for the share…But will the traffic will convert to sales…?


You know whats great?? 000Webhost has a 2k cap on visitors a day.


Is that right?


No intent to hijack this thread any further but…

I’ve never heard of a cap on visitors to your website hosted on 000webhost servers.
Perhaps you are confusing this with the 2k cap on server requests from same IP within 24hrs?


Stumble is a good traffic way but how you use it matters when it comes to traffic. I have personally not used it just like I do to sites like Facebook. If you do good SEO, you can eventually get better traffic from search engines and which is the organic one and in fact the best traffic.


Thats right :slight_smile:


Yup it’s true. My website has temporary stopped before by 000webhost as I have exceed the bandwidth - which is because of the number of visitors to my website on that day. I believe because we are using it for free thus, they set a limit for free users.