Godaddy Domain is locked


I am new to this web hosting. I currently have a godaddy account with a registered domain. I have recently updated my nameservers for the domain in my godaddy but I have noticed that it is domain locked. It says
"Domain is locked.
Domain Locking is turned ON and your domain is safe from unauthorized or accidental transfers or changes to your nameservers."

I just wonder if it will still change my nameservers even if the domain locking is on?



As far as I can see yes you can use nameservers but you cannot transfer the domain to another company for a transfer fee without unlocking it.


What is your domain name?

Try sending a request to GoDaddy to remove the lock on your domain and your name server changes should begin to propagate.


Yeah I’m with GoDaddy you can freely change your nameservers; but cannot transfer properly a domain without disabling the lock takes two minutes.


Hi! thanks for your replies. As I have checked yesterday, it is all working fine now. But I unlock the domain yesterday just to be sure. Then I turned it back when the name servers have already updated.


Any issues do post back. :slight_smile: