Going out guide!


Have a look :slight_smile:


My site is there to help and advice people on how to enjoy a good night out in the 10 biggest cities in England!

Thank you, Feedback is appreciated


Nice site, colors are a bit eye hurting, though. I like how if you hover your mouse over the steps it gives the name.

Good job.


:open_mouth: the colours bad :frowning:

i thought it was eye catching… have u looked at the other features e.g. travel and music?



I like the use of street view for the venues, although its not quite clear where some of the venues are from the street view alone.

An idea would be to include the google maps directions from the nearest tube etc to the venue.

I think the colours could be improved but the first thing I thought was ministry of sound when I saw the yellow and black reminded me of this:

I think going from it if the black stripes where more thicker on the yellow background it wouldn’t be so staggering :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: