Have a look


Please check out our site it is just about our travels down south and our home life.

I did it, so it is not profesional.

You will not find anything under 2007, 2008 and 2009 except under construction, 2010 is there

Let me know what you think

Be gentle:D


Is this a kind-of-a-blog site? I guess it is…
I’d suggest using WordPress for your site and post your travels and your life. It’s easier to manage and will make your site look professional.


site is ok. but i think the site can be easily designed using some open source cms like joomla, drupal, wordpress etc.

also the background music may surprise the viewer, from my point of view it should be avoided or at least autoplay should be turned off.

good luck.


I have removed the autoplay from the music

Thanks for the suggestion


Pretty nice site, I would say. Though, you need to work on the design a little more. Make it eye-catching. Use more CSS, if you haven’t to make everything look unique, dynamic, and beautiful.


Kinda, wierd, I mean is this for you family to look at?

Plus, it took forever to open and I couldnt close it at all, I have to go into my task manager to close it, along with all of my other internet tabs.


mm same problem… took ages to load, but if its your first site you have designed, well done. If it ain’t then it needs more eye catching stuff…


Don’t know why it took forever to load unless you are using Firefox, it seems fine now and yes it is my first website, it’s for anybody who likes travelling down south, to give some ideas of where to stay in Cuba, DR and Barbados.

Need to learn more about joomla, drupal and wordpress never heard of them


Did you use a text editor or something like DreamWeaver or KompoZer (KompoZer is my fav)


Notepad…and a lot of copying and pasting, took a Deamweaver course years ago never used it, wasn’t what I wanted to do at work


If you use firefox then get firebug, or use KompoZer and see what you can do :slight_smile:
Just a suggestion.


That would mean redoing my site or is there not something in Firefox options to configure it to make it work:confused:


What firebug?


Yep, don’t know what firebug is


Basicly Firebug, for firefox, allows you to dynamically change the site. Check out http://getfirebug.com/


But will it effect people using IE


Well when you design any high end site you have problems with IE. For example if you look at 10th4you.info in IE and then Firefox, in Firefox it will work but in IE it screws up. So you then redesign it later for IE and purposly say to use this style script instead of the default one. And you can just say Best Viewed In Firefox if you can’t be bothered ;). and even then it depends what you do. If you look at my site its been designed in KompoZer and optimised to reach the potentials of just the Firefox family

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