Having an FTP problem


I’m trying to use either the filezilla or the webbrowser file editor but neither are working. it keeps saying invalid login


What is the website in question?



on 000 it is rapadantgamingdonations.000webhostsapp.com


Are you sure it is the correct address?


thats copied right from the cpanel from 000 when I login there. it lets me login, manage the site, but when I try to use file managing it shows me a login failed screen. I’ve typed my pasword exaclty the same as it should be each time but nothing seems to work for logging in


Gotcha, did you enable FTP?


yup and still fails to work


I’m contacting the related devs


alrighty, let me know when the issue should be resolved. I need to setup an admin panel software


It should be working now :slight_smile: