Hi everyone! I am neew


hi guys i am a new member here

Las imagenes que contienen la ñ no me las muestra
Al subir deja los archivos vacios
Site with white page
FTP 421 Error blocking me from uploading my WebSite

how can i do this >?? i want to add something like pic , but i cant find the way … ) can u help me ?


Hi all i am a new member here in this web site ,m and wanna say that i like it here … i can find many interesting things here


Hola… just want to find the topic that i can send my screenshots , how can i do that ? i cant upload any pic , )is it possible here in this web site


Hi @Lena01!

Welcome to our forums!

What do you want to know precisely? What is/are your issues? :slight_smile:


Use imgur.com and then attach here using [IMG] tags