How do I add a subdomain?


Please help me :slightly_smiling_face:


Subdomains have been removed from the cPanel, because is already more than enough :wink:


Pero el “www” por que fue eliminado ? deberian de activar el www


You mean you cannot use ?
Well, that’d be a third level domain wich wouldnt get SSL covered by us, that’s why :slight_smile:


No me refiero a que yo soy propietario de comunacaciquenigale,000webhostapp,com y cuando lo coloco en www,comunacaciquenigale,000webhostapp,com me sale el error ( ** There’s nothing here, yet.
This domain is ready to be registered. ** )


Cuantos subdominios se pueden colocar?


Like I said before, it’s impossible to get back old subdomains :slight_smile: