How i can share my website to facebook and instagram?


But y to use ur mind so much when u have ur guider with uh :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:


Btw bro can u give me idea for sharing my website to which platforms so that in result i can grow my traffic…?


First and foremost if you are planning your website to have many visitors, I suggest you to by a paid plan from now. 000webhost has been designed to be a free web hosting provider for developers to test their skills or hobbies.

Alongside that, you could index your website to Google or Bing to get more visitors. Please follow the below tutorials to do so…


@NGiNX in search console,in the beginning for adding a property i should write or ??



But in that tutorial,they were saying to use 000webhost link , i am confused now? They have not parked their domain there? :


The 000webhostapp link is just an example.

In reality, you should use your domain link, because through domain your visitors are going to access your website.


ohh okay bro…and in the end,in add a propery…what i should write then…because i have used my parked domain…so,in this what should i?


Use your parked domain everywhere :wink:


But bro i want to know that i am not getting any clicks then?? i have mentioned my website in search console i think 4-5 days back by using alternate method(tracking code method) so,whats the problem…and i also can’t see my website in google.


But bro i want to know that i am not getting any clicks then??

This is the number of clicks your website receives in Google search engine. The number is not real-time.

and i also can’t see my website in google.

This depends on how Google crawls your website and how it indexes it. I can’t give a proper answer on this part…


So bro if we talk about bing…in this after clicking on then which url i should write? or ??


Just The http:// will be added automatically.


:frowning: so now?


Ok, then add it with http:// as well.

The idea of tutorial was to make sure you don’t insert directly, as that would lead to errors.


or i should mention ??


You do as you want to. If you want your visitors to access instead, you can input it that way.

It will not affect the crawling.