How long for MX record to change?


i have updated the mxrecord to work with google apps, and it hasnt changed over yet, or google is being slow, but i have another parked domain with and the mx record with that changed over already…

is 000webhost laging? or what?



Sometimes it may take up to 24 hours while DNS changes take effect


i used a domain, i thought dns only was if u used a or a other one.


I’m New On This. I Registered With Google Apps And Then They Say I Have To Activate The Account From The Mail Of The Domain I Have. I Have The Host In This Free Web Hosting And The Domain In Another Site. Where Must I Activate The Account Or To See The Email? I’m Checking The Control Panel Of 000webhosting And I Don’t See Where To Access To My Email.

Can Somebody Help Me?


ummm, that should of been in a new topic, but ill answer anyway, its under e-mail and w/e

its called change MX record
its the 2nd one in from the left.


Hi, I also a user of Google Apps.
How do I change MX Records to direct to Google?

I’d tried so many times already, where Google said that I might not configured it properly. So, what should I do??


go to control panel then
modify MX entry
then wait MX is available and ready for the accounts that you want to use.

it seems this work for other persons, but for some reason it doesn’t want to work for. good luck


I already tested so many times already, but it still doesn’t work for my domain.
OMG!!! I’m so disappointed…