How to backup and import your emails & contacts to GoogleMail


So you may have heard ended support for email a while ago; there is still the ability to create forwarders for to be sent to and to set up a replyfrom to make it look like you are sending from instead of so no one can tell the difference.

If you still want to have the ability to use email like and have webmail as well then click here
You might be wanting to keep all the emails and saved contacts you’ve got in your still existing 000webhost email accounts so you can easily back them up and import them into your new fully featured Google email account.

Not to worry in a few simple steps you can ensure you don’t lose a single email or contact.

Visit you’ll need to sign up or sign in to an account.
Creating an account takes 30 seconds and sometimes will require a telephone number to verify you are human.

I’ve created my new Google email account and I will now login to begin importing my emails from

Once signed in you’ll want to find the settings menu under the little cog icon top right and hit it.

Now you’ll see a range of menus you want to hit “Accounts and Import” then you’ll want to hit “Import mail and contacts”

You’ll need to login to your existing email account such as or

Enter the current password you are using to access and the username is most always the full email address.

Now click “Import mail” and I will be adding a label to my imported emails so I know what has been brought across in the future.
You can tick leave a copy of the mail on the server or you can untick it to delete.
You can also archive the mail so you’ll have it over on Google email but you won’t see them as new emails.

Now depending how big your email account is the process should take minutes or a few days (googlemail dictates the speed of importing)

Successfully imported the two emails I had stored in my 000webhost hosted website.

Obviously if you have thousands of emails it may take a few hours as suggested.

Note: if you had contacts saved in your old email account they will be imported under “Contacts” in GoogleMail

You may have to do some manual sorting out if you have already some contacts existing in GoogleMail but this takes seconds to merge accounts and delete duplicates.

Two other tutorials that may be of use to you now :slight_smile:

If you have any issues with this tutorial don’t hesitate to comment below with them.

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