How to change your MySQL database password



In order to use your database with a script successfully, you will need to specify your database password in the config file of your script, but what to do if you have forgotten your database password? Well, you should not worry about it, the process of changing the database password is very simple and quick.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to change your database password on 000webhost.

What you’ll need

Before you begin this guide you’ll need the following:

Step 1 — Logging into 000webhost

As you know, we are using hosting services to host our website and manage our databases, so we should access 000webhost press on Login and get into your 000webhost cPanel.

Step 2 — Accessing Database Management

Once we have successfully logged into our 000webhost cPanel page, we need to press Manage Database (marked as step 1 in the screenshot) from the main menu. You will be redirected to Database Management section.

After that, you need to press on Manage (marked as step 2 in the screenshot) and then select Change Password (step 3) in the drop-down menu, this way you will proceed with changing the password of the desired database.

Step 3 — Changing database password

Once you press on Change Password you will see a pop-up with a title of “Change Password”. Here you can change your database password, as you can see, you do not need to know your old password (the one you were using before), only new password is required.

Once you have entered your new password in the “New Password” box, please click on Change. New password for your database will be set now.


Congratulations, you have set a new database password now. You can now access and manage your database while using the new password.