How to create index.php file


The content above I made and placed inside your empty .htaccess file


hi your really intelligent, unfotunately for me i dont really understand what you mean.

actually each time i upload a site i will always have that problem asking me crate and index.htlm or index.php. or also update the .htaccess File please i will really like to understand what need to be done when am ask that. because am working on a little project which will alway bring me to that.

i have a website which was already writen i have uploaded it so i can edit it and hoist to see how it can look like online but once i upload it i still encounter the same problem of my website needing index file or a better .htaccess File.

how can i alway creat an .htaccess File once i upload y site

how can i always creat an index file once i upload mysite so my site can load well.

your my teacher lol expecting to hear from you thanks Sir.

i just uploaded the new site and am having issues since it keep redirecting me to a page asking to create index.php or htlm file please help.