How to find each web page of my site in the file manager section


Can someone explain me how to get to my web pages in the file manager (folders tree).

I need to add some meta tags in each webpage but I do not know where are they??

I am getting crazy, so many hours!



Hi @5antiago

  • Go to
  • Login there and you will see your files.
  • First, public_html and tmp folders will be there
  • public_html is the folder that your webpages must be.
  • Go inside public_html folder and find your web pages (.html or .php)
  • Open them by double clicking.
  • Add the meta tags inside the tags


No I have not access to it.

In the tree on the right the only folder inside Public_html is Syro.

But when I am inside public_html, I can see many other folders on the right. but I have not access to them inside…

This host is crap!.. none help I am completely alone here and no solution.

Pleas i want to save my website and move to another host… how can I do it… help please!!..

This is wierd, there is no technical support in this host?


Are you using Zyro site builder?

You haven’t exactly given us much information on your case including your URL and you are jumping the gun a little with your last comments there is plenty of support you just need to give us a little information - don’t just click your fingers and expect something to happen!


File Manager is accessible via

If you uploaded your website there into the public_html you can then modify it.

If you have used the Zyro Site Builder to build a site and you’d like to modify meta tags have you tried the options in Zyro Site Builder? If not then Zyro site data is stored in a different way to a normal website, it would be under public_html in the folder named Zyro but it isn’t quite as straight forward for most users to simply walk in and start changing things since you’ve used the site builder changes should be made through the site builder.


First of all Thanks for your reply.

Sorry, I am stressed as I cannot move forward and it takes too long to find a solution and move forward.

It would be great if I could “chat” with someone on who knows about my issue.

The link to my site is

I do not know if I am using Zyro, and what Zyro is. I just clicked the button which says “Build a Website Easily” and that all.

I have downloaded the folders using FileZilla but the dowloaded folders has only 1kb or 2kb (so they are almost empty). I am completely lost.

I’ll be thankfull if someone can help me.

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it.


What platform do you recomend me instead of Zyro to build a website?

I have chosen “Auto Layout” which should adapt the website to different screens. But it does quite bad adaptation, in most cases the design is out of shape.

Do you know any other program or platform (I do not know how to call this type of applications) to design a website and keep the design shape in all types of screens?

Many thanks!


I would recommend Grav for a simple website, it is very lightweight - I’d recommend checking out their demo before installation.

If you want to install then do the following

Make a new site if you don’t have one already

Head over to Grav and download the .zip install

Read the installation if you need to -

Head to your File Manager and start uploading

Upload your .zip file from earlier

If you want you can use FileZilla or another FTP client instead…

Once uploaded use a PHP script like this to unzip it

Or you can use the built in function of the File Manager to extract the files into public_html

Now once extracted ensure all the files are visible in the public_html folder!

Visit your website to perform the simple installation!

Tada! The system is now installed!

Visit your site and you’ll see it is running fine!

Hit PAGES > EDIT in the Admin Panel to begin the creation of your site!

There are various themes and plugins available via their website and other content creators too!

I hope this is some help - there are tons of content management systems out there to choose from - the task is finding one that works for you!


Hi mate,


I will carefully study it.

I already have a website designed with Zyro from the webhost website.

I need you to help me with 2 things (or tell me please where to find the answer):

  1. I need to “add some meta tasks” into my website which was built with Zyro (using 000webhost webiste builder).

  2. If I would like to transfer my website to Grav I understand that first I’d need to download my website to my PC. Right?

I have tried to download it with FileZilla but the size of the downloaded folders are only 1kb / 2kb, they are almost empty. Apparently I do not how to download it.

Is there any special tip to take into account as my website was built with Zyro?

Could you please give me a hand with these 2 questions? So many thanks!!

Best regards.