How to get a custom search engine on your website free


In this tutorial i show you how to use cse (Custom Search Engine) by Google

1) Go to and sign-in with your Google account.

2) Click add to create an engine

3) Enter your website or websites than select the language that you want your website visitors to see and name your search engine and when your done click create

4) Congrats you’ve made your search engine; Continue the tutorial if you want to learn how to customize it and add it to your website

5) Click “Control Panel”

6) Add a description to your search engine then add some keywords

7) Enable image search if you want your visitors to be able to search through images on your website

8) Click “Look and feel” on the side of the page

9) Select what layout you want. For this tutorial we’re using "Overlay"
Overlay: Puts the search results in a popup over the rest of your website content.
Two Page: Puts the search bar on one page and the results on the other.
Full Width: Makes the search results and search bar the entire width of your website.
Two column: Puts the search box in one area of a page and the results in another.
Compact: For mobile websites.
Results only: Use your own search box and put the results somewhere.
Google hosted: Puts the search box on your website and the results on a google page.

10) Along the top click “Themes” and select a theme

11) Along the top click “Customize” and edit the colours and fonts

**12) At the bottom of the page click “Save & Get Code” and put the code on your website

13) On the side you can click “Search features” if you want to add Promotions, Refinements, Autocomplete, Synonyms or some Advanced things

14) You can also check Statistics

15) Final result should look something like

Live Example on


Well you didnt tell me if it on there already so im going to explain how to get it on google and than how to get higher in the search results =)

How to get onto Google
Goto and type your website url

How to go up in search results
Goto these websites to find out

It could take months for these to start working btw