How to have naked domain with Google nameservers and CNAME record


In case you are using the CNAME option to point to your 000webhost website and you are wondering how to have a naked domain working while keeping the default Google NS here is how I did it.

NOTE: We can’t use A record pointing to an IP address anymore because 000webhost uses a dynamic IP address for each website.

  1. First setup your CNAME record like explained in the tutorial:

My setup look like this:

  1. After you have your CNAME record set up to point to your website and you have verified that you can reach your website with the www in front of it, you can go back to your “My Domains” section in Google Domains and follow the following steps.

  2. Go in the “Configure DSN” section next to your Google domain.

  3. Under the “Synthetic records” sections select “Subdomain forward” in the drop down.

  4. Enter “@” [without the quotes] in the first textbox and select the radio button “Permanent redirect (301)”

  5. In the second textbox enter your website including the www. For my website it would be “

  6. Click “Add”

Clear your cache, and try to enter your naked domain in your URL bar to see if it works.
This worked for me so I hope it would work for other people as well.