How to install Piwik - analytics platform


Many moons ago I used Piwik and today I have returned to them.

They constantly email me so I decided to give them a lookie since it had been so long…

Head over to their site to get the script for free!

Once downloaded then upload it to 000webhost File Manager or using FileZilla :slight_smile:

Once uploaded you’ll want to extract the zip file - I will use unzipper.php for this.

Boom done and dusted.

Now visit the installation - for example.

Follow the steps and do what they say…

Firstly create a database at for Piwik to use.

Once created enter this information into the installation…

Boom done as well!

Create your admin account to manage your stats

Input your site details just for reference

Now keep this code safe you’ll need to insert it into any pages you want to track (index.html) etc

I’ve now input the tracking code into index.html and a few other pages I’d like to track…

I’ll login now to view any visitors! etc

You can track more than one website using Piwik! Hit settings then add new site under websites, manage.

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