How to install Stock Inventory Script


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Feel free to hit Infinity then message me with any script tutorials you need done.

Download the script from here:

Once downloaded time to upload using the file manager on 000webhost.

I will now extract it on the hosting using “unzipper”

Check tutorials section if you don’t have unzipper uploaded it takes two seconds.

Now the script is extracted time to configure it.

Visit the manage databases on 000webhost and make a new database keeping the information you are using handy.

Once you’ve created it find ewcfg12.php within your script and open it in code editor, browse down till you find Database connection info and type in the details you’ve created at

Now head back to 000webhost and open up your database using phpMyAdmin!

Hit the import button…

Choose the file from the downloaded zip at the start called phpstockdb.sql

Now hit go at the bottom.

Almost there… now visit the script on your website!

By default the password is master with username admin.

Now to get your inventory set up and organised to save you and your company time and money!