How to make website go live?!


You have bought this now?
You need to change the nameservers where you bought the domain.

Nameservers to use are

Use the IP address if the domain doesn’t work for the host in filezilla.


no i didn’t bying the BOTH ,and yes sir,i do that before just like this pic


Choose B


i don’t understand ’ choose B’? ok… i get it now,i must bying for that…anyway…i know i make you tired…big THANKS master


DEAR SIR,last day i didn’t saw the picture (because of BLOCKING internet from inside,plz look at the pic address bar ) pic is about OUR! blocking from inside ,but i can see it now (i came today with PROXY)…sorry for my delay to replying you,THANKS i gonna use the plan B now :slight_smile:


Looks like your site is still not up. It still doesn’t load from my end.


hi,i’m on it and right now i’m just waiting for completing the uploading process on SFTP program… this is my first trying for DESIGNING and publishing a website by my own…and i did it all in just 13-14 days now…(if i knew somethings it must be finished 1 week ago! (like using the SFTP or FILEZILLA for uploading)


hi,at last FORCELY i made NEW account on some OTHER host! IP was BLOCKED (or whatever you call it in here,or…BEN?),anyway,my site was ready 20 days ago and…THANK YOU for asking and preparing.


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