How to point your domain from DomainNIC to 000webhost


I have found DomainNIC to be exceptionally fast at updating nameservers and such and prices are low so I’ve started using them for purchasing .net and .com addresses but still have other sites I use for and .co domains.

To get started visit

Login to

Click on My Services

Then Click on Domains

Once loaded you’ll select your domain and change nameservers and

Are the required nameservers for any domain you wish to point at 000webhostapp content.

Now my nameservers have updated successfully.

Once you submit it can take a few minutes for the changes to take effect but if you visit your control panel you should be able to park your domain hopefully.

You’ll want to visit “Set Web Address”

Then click add domain at the bottom

In this case I am using nameservers and not CNAME record pointing.

I have typed in my domain I purchased over at DirectNic

Hopefully the DNS have progressed the changes so 000webhost can see the nameservers are pointed at it.

Has appeared top right so that means that the domain has successfully parked and pointed correctly.

I will now select “Link Website” to set my website to the correct 000webhostapp account on my control panel.

Select the content you wish to load when someone visits your website.

I have successfully pointed my domain from DomainNIC and parked it correctly at 000webhost

Now it is time for me to make my website and upload it.

If you have any questions do reply!

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